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Application Format

Post by [MAW]Perfect on Sun May 08, 2016 4:17 pm

Application Requirements:-

-Age Must Be 13/14 And Older.
-Must Have A Good English Knowledge.
-Must Spend 2 Weeks Or More.
-Must Have 500+ Score.

-Application Words Should Be More Than 1000, Will Be Checked.
-Questions Should Be Answered With A Full Answer.

Application Format:-


-In Game Name:-
-In Game Score:-
-Current Location/City:-
-When Did You Exactly Join The Community?:-
-Explain Why Would You Like To Become An Administrator (Everything):-
-Why Should We Accept You (What will you do for our community?):-
-Do You Accept That? You'll Be Kicked If You Become Inactive For Long Time/Break Rules:-
-Do You Have Any Past Experience As An Administrator?:-
-Your In Game Stats Picture:-


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