Server Update Version 0.1

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Server Update Version 0.1

Post by [MAW]Perfect on Thu May 05, 2016 12:14 pm

This is the first update of Military At War Server, many improvements have been made, also bugs are fixed.

- Update -

-Updated Server Textdraw's.
-Added A Random Messages System.
-Added Train Station, Blackfield Stadium Capture Zones.
-Increased The Amount Of Weapon Shops All Over The Map.
-Added New Teams:- USA, Europe, France, Arabia, Russia, Germany and Mercenary.
-Added New Ranks (18).
-Added Special Stars For Each Rank.
-Improved The Anti Base Rape System.
-Improved The Admin System.
-Removed The Login/Register Skip.
-Added a Anti [MAW] Tag, Only Works For Admins.
-Added Class Mechanic:- Ability to Repair Vehicles (/rvehicle) For Any Vehicle Has -500 Health.
-Improved The Capture Zones System.
-Removed /changename, /register and /login.
-Changed Team Skins.
-Changed Team Colors.
-Changed The Team Selection Place.
-Improved The V.I.P System.

- Fixes -

-Anti Base Rape System.
-Lag Problems.
-Admin System.
-V.I.P System.
-/stats Bugs.
-Money Bug.
-And Many More ..


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